Demons and Fallen Angels

Aariel - Is one of the sixteen "Servitors of Asyriel. His name means "Lion of God", and he is very good natured. Commands 20 legions.

Abaddon - King of the Demons of Hell. Also known as Apollyon (Greek) meaning "The Destroyer or To Destroy." Described as a gigantic figure veiled in black and coverd with whirling wheels and is particularly strong on Saturdays in January when Venus is visible. Appears as snake like with a belly full of fire. Commands the sixth House of Hell and its demonic locust army (the one that will torment all nonbelievers during the seventh and final trumpet blast of the Rapture).  (Name variations:    Abadon, 'Abadown, Abbadon, Abbadown, Appolloyon, the Destroying Angel, King of the Grasshoppers, Prince of War, Sovereign of the Bottomless Pit)

Abadir - His name means "Scattered". His name can also be spelled Abachir.  Is one of the Servitors of Asmodeus and possibly the original Ophite serpent god Orus. Is said to serve Asmodeus.

Abael - One of several demons who serve in the court of Dorochiel. Holds the rank of Duke and has 400 lesser legions at his command. He serves in the second half of the night, between midnight and dawn.

Abahin - His name means "The Terrible One." A servant to Asmodeus. He is one of fifty-three Servitors of Ashtaroth and Asmodeus.

Abigor - He appears as a handsome horseman who carries a scepter, and lance. He is a demon of war. He has knowledge of all wars past, present and yet to come. He commands sixty legions.    (Name variations:    Eligor,  Eligos)

Acaos - One of the eighteen demons who possessed Sister Jeanne des Anges of France. A Fallen Angel and of the Order of Thrones. After the Sister's exorcism this demon could be called upon during exorcisms and cases of possession for assistance in driving out other demonic spirits.

Accaron - His name means many things "a body of a tree", "barrenness", "feeble" and "weakness." From translations from the Bible he is said to be either a demon of the Palestinian homeland of Baalzebub (Satan) or could be taken to mean he is a lesser demon who serves Baalzebub. (Name variations:    Acheron,  Ekron)

Adirael - A tall powerful Cherub and a Fallen Angel and called "Magnificence of God" in the Book of Enoch swore allgiance to Samiaza and rebelled against God during the rebellion. He is one of the "Angels of Punishment" and he has dominion over Judgement Day. Against God's will he lusted and took a human wife and fathered the Nephilm (a race of evil giants).  (Name variations:    Adirion ,  Sannul)

Adonis - A demon from the demonology of the ancient Middle East.

Adramelech - Arch demon whose job is Chancellor and President of The High Council of Devils. His name means "King of Fire." As a Samarian sun god children were sacrificed to him, he was later demonized in Judeo-Christian tradition and placed in service under Sammael, the angel of poison. There he was given the ranks and titles of Chancellor of Hell, Chancellor of the High Council, Evil Chief of Hod, Grand Chancellor of Hell, Grand Chancellor of the Infernal Empire, Minister of Beelzebub's Order of the Fly, President of the High Council, President of the Senate of the Demons, Superintendent of the Devil's Wardrobe, and one of those who presides over the Devil's  general council.    (Name variations:   Adramalek ,  Adramelec, Adar-malik, Adrammelech, Adrameleck)

Agares - Second spirit listed in the Goetia, First Duke who is under the power of the East, and belongs to the Order of Virtues. Appears in the form of an old fair man riding a crocodile carrying a hawk on his fist. Has power over runaways and can bring them back at the request of those who summon him but yet he can also compel people to run. He teaches all languages and has the power to destroy dignities both spiritual and temporal. He also has the power to cause earthquakes. He rules 31 legions.

Agrimas - After the expulsion from the Garden of Eden,  Adam and Eve seperated, Adam layed with Lilith's daughter Piznia and had many children. The children were a type of demonic half-breeds known as Cambion Lutins. Adam and Piznia's  first born was a son named Agrimas. Using Adams status Agrimas  sought out Methuselah, and in exchange for peace he gave Methuselah the names of his remaining descendants and the symbols of protection against them. After this the remaining Lutins sought refuge on the highest mountains and the deepest seas.

Ahazu  - A lesser demon of the night who has the power to cause diseases in humans, especially diseases that cause seizures. A person will suffer from such an attack whenever this demon touches them.   (Name variations:   Ahazie)

Ahi - A demonic dragon god from Hindu who has the ability to control the weather. He can bring about droughts  by preventing rain, as well as cause egotism and ignorance. He appears as a snake, a spiderlike being and a man with a snake rising from each shoulder. He has dominion over the sun.

Aim - The twenty-third spirit listed in the Goetia. A Grand Duke, Fire Duke and President  appears as a handsome man in body with three heads, the first like a serpent, second like a man having two stars on his forehead, and the third like a calf. Rides on a viper carrying a torch to set places on fire. Can give true answers concerning private matters, and has the abillity to set cities on fire, to make men humerous, will teach astrology and the liberal arts.  He is most powerful during the month of July.  Rules 26 legions.  (Name variations:   Aini,  Aniguel,  Aym,  Bast,  Haborym,  Nacoriel,  Raum)

Aisha Qandisha - A succubus demon who is a vampiric and demonic goddess in the ancient state of Carthage. Her name means "To be watered", meaning to be covered in semen. She is associated with Qadesha from the sexually free temple women of Canaan who serve Astarte. Described as beautiful with feet of a goat. She can be found dancing wildly, bare-chested and lustly near wells and waterways. As a Goddess she can not be destroyed. She can only be driven away by plunging an iron knife as hard as one can into the ground before one becomes entranced by her beauty.

Akton - Demon of disease that afflicts pain in the ribs and lower back of mortals, tormenting them with aches and pains.

Alastor - This Fallen Angel is known as "The Executioner" who is ranked as executor of decrees handed down from Satan's court. He is also executioner and commissioner of public works. An "Aerial Devil" who serves Asmodeus he is the demon of blood feuds between families. It is said that he was born a mortal man the son of King Neleus of Pylos. This demon is exceptionally cruel and sees to it that the sins of the father are delivered onto the child as well as he tempts men to commit murder. Alastor became a demon when he and his brother were killed by Herakles.

Alath - A demi-demon named in the "Spirits of Solomon." He confessed that he causes coughing and asthma in children,  as well as the power to cause disease. The angel Rorex gives protection against this demon.

Alfar - Was orginally seen as a half god and half dwarf, but he evolved into a demon of diseases and nightmares. (Name variations:   Alb, Alberich or Alfa-blot )

Alloces - Fifty-second spirit listed in the Goetia, a strong Great Duke, appears as a soldier riding a horse, he has the face of a lion with flaming eyes and skin that is very red. When he speaks his voice is hoarse and very loud. He has the ability to teach astronomy and the liberal sciences. He can give familiars. Rules over 36 legions. (Name variations:   Alocer and Alocas)

Alp - A cause mightmares and erotic dreams. The next day the victim will recall vivid memories of the attack and have feeling of being drained.vampiric demon who does not have one true shape or form for an alp has exceptional shape shifting abilities and can assume the form of any animal it chooses, but prefers the forms of birds, cats, demon dogs, mist, pigs and snakes. Is strong, has the ability to become invisible, can fly and can spit butterflies and moths from it's mouth. Alps are different from other immmortal unhuman demons, as they come about through mundane acts such as when a newborn male child dies, when a child whose mother went through a particularly long painful childbirth dies or when a family member dies and his spirit returns with no further explaination added. Common prey to an alp is sleeping women and occasionally they will attack men and young boys, as well as cattle , geese, horses and rabbits. After their prey is selected it shape shifts into a mist to come into the home undetected. The alp will then sit upon the preys chest to compress the air out of their lungs so they can't scream and will drink blood or milk if woman is lactating. This act will cause nightmares and erotic dreams,  but with the next day feeling drained.  (Name variations:     Alb, Alf, Alfemoe, Alpdaemon, Alpen, Alpes, Alpmann, Apsaras, Bockshexe, Bocksmarte, Cauquemare, Chauche Vieille, Dochje, Dockele, Dockeli, Doggi, Druckerl, Drude, Drutt, Elbe, Fraueli, Inuus, Leeton, Lork, Mahr, Mahrt, Mar, Mara, Mare, Mart, Nachtmaennli, Nachtmahr, Nachtmanndli, Nachtmanniein, Night Terror, Quauaquemaire, Sukkubus, Toggeli, Trud, Tudd, Walrider, Walriderske)

Amdusias - Sixty-seventh spirit listed in the Goetia, his rank is Duke and musical director in Hell who is the most musically talented of the inhabitants of Hell, and will inspire music, give concerts and assist on secret missions. He appears as a unicorn but will take human form at the request of the exorcist causing trumpets and musical instruments to be heard although not immediately. He is physically strong and has the ability to cause trees to go barren, bend or become uprooted. He is most powerful during the sixth hour of the night. He gives excellent familiars (lesser demons who take the form of an animal). Commands 29 legions.   (Name variations: Ambuscias, Amducious, Amdukias, Amduscias, Amukias, Samil, Yomael)

Amenadiel - Emperor of the West, has no fewer than three hundred legions, red great dukes and five hundred lesser dukes, twelve chief dukes and over forty trillion inferior spirits to carry out his commands. Each of his dukes have over three thousand servants apiece. He is considered a nocturnal demon and is known for announcing secrets.

Ameta - Holds the rank of Duke and serves Usiel. He is connected with the hours of the day, can find hidden objects especially ones that have been magickally enchanted. He can also perform enchantments of his own to conceal items so they can not be discovered or stolen.

Amiblel - Emperor of the North and holds the rank of Duke. Has no fewer than one thousand one hundred and forty lesser legions at his command.

Amon - Seventh spirit listed in the Goetia, as Marquis. He is also the King of the east with great power and very stern. He is the demon of life and reproduction. Appears like a wolf with a serpents tail vomiting fire from his mouth, on command he can take the shape of a man with dogs teeth beset in a head like a raven or like a man with a raven's head. Can reconcile friends and foes as well as secure the love another.  He is one of the four personal assistants to the Infernal Duke Ashtaroth. He is most powerful during the day. He is in direct service with the demon Satanachia. Governs 40 legions.  (Name variations:    Aamon,  Ammon, Amaimon, Amaymon, Amon)

Amy - The fifty-eighth demon listed in the Goetia, the President of Hell and President of Fire. A Fallen Angel and is formerly of the "Order of Powers", who is also a nocturnal demon. He has the power to grant knowledge of Astrology and the Liberal Sciences. He has the ability to find and tell the locations of lost treasures that are protected by guardian spirits. It is believed that he will be allowed to return to Heaven and resume his seat in the Seventh Throne after the 200,000 years of banishment are over. Governs 36 legions.  (Name variations:    Amousias,   Avnas)

Ananel - Fallen angel who chose to abandon Heaven in pursuit of a mortal wife. He was mentioned in the Book of Enoch as one of the "Chiefs of Ten" which are lieutenants of the watcher angels in Heaven. He lusted after and a took a human wife and fathered the Nephilim (a race of evil giants).

AndrasSixty-third spirit listed in the Goetia, a Great Marquis. Will appear in the form of and angel with a head of a raven riding a black wolf and brandishing a sharp bright sword in his hand. His goal is to sow discord and convince men to kill. He has very little patience and will kill anyone who gives him the slightest provocation especially those who are not constantly aware that he is around . Commands 30 legions.   (Name variation:   Androalphus)

Andrealphus - Sixty-fifth spirit listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel and lesser demon, is also a Marquis. He appears in the form of a peacock with an overly large beak but after time will take on human form. He can transform men into the likeness of a bird, teach geometry perfectly, astronomy, geometry, mathematics and all things involving measurements. Governs 30 legions.  (Name variation:  Androalphus)

Andromalius - Seventy-second and last demon listed in the Goetia, a mighty, great Earl who appears as a man holding a snake in one hand. A demon that executes justice, he has the power to punish all thieves and other wicked people. He will return both the thief and stolen goods back to the place stolen from. He can discover hidden treasures, all evilness and dishonest dealings. Constrained with the name of the angel Mumiah. Rules over 36 legions.

Angels of the Bottomless Pit -  In the Book of Revelations 9:11 says that a bottomless pit will open when the fifth trumpet of the seventh seals sounds and in doing so it will release the evil angels of Hell upon earth for the following five months. During those five months the Angels of the Bottomless Pit are free to torture all of those people who don't have the seal of the Lord upon their forehead.

Angel of Edom - Another name for Satan, this angel seeks to  ascend into Heaven and be "like the one most high" and assume the throne of God. He is the angel Jacob saw in his dream ascending the latter into the sky where he almost reached Heaven but God will cast him down. Each of the four angels, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome seen in the dream represent a country that came into power and eventually fell. Legend has it that the angel of edom can be destroyed when grabbed by the hair and slain by the prophet Elijah and his blood sprayed upon the garments of the Lord.

Angels of Punishment - In the Testament of Solomon there are seven Angels of Punishment listed. The angels are Hutriel "rod of God", Kushiel "rigid one of God", Lahatiel "flaming one of God", Makatiel "plague of God", Pusiel or Puriel "fire of God", Rogziel "wrath of God" and Shoftiel "judge of God." These seven angels serve under the five Archangels of Punishment.

Angry ones, The - In Tibetan demonology the Angry Ones are vicious demons who consume the flesh of man and serve fresh human brains in a skull chalice.

Angul - A demon from the Philippines who kills people with an axe.

Aniguel - A Grand Duke and one of the "Electors of Hell." He appears as a 10 year old boy. He has the ability to discover buried treasure and mineral deposits. He can also fly across the world in a blink of an eye.  (Name variations:  Anisel,  The serpent  of  Paradise)

Antichrist -  His name in Greek means "in place of God" or "the opposite of God." Where Jesus shed his blood for all mankind, the Antichrist feeds of the blood of mankind. Beliefs are that he will be born of a virgin who is  from the linage  of  the Tribe of Dan and the Devil. This child will be born human in all ways and will rise to power as a major political leader that preaches peace. He will come into power Seven years before the Apocalypse and remain there for forty-two months. He will be slain halfway through the tribulation and be resurrected by the Devil who possess a body to  finish out his rule. He will have the ability to draw done fire from the sky. To mark his followers he will place a mark on their right hand or upon their forhead. It is said if a person does not bare this mark they will not be able to legally operate a business. In the Book of Revelations he is described as a creature rising up from the sea having seven heads, with each head having ten horns and each horn has ten crowns upon it. It will have the body of a jaguar, large claw feet of a bear, vicious mouth of a lion and all the power of a dragon.

Apep - A serpent demon who in ancient Egypt was in opposition to the sun god Ra. Known as the "Eater of souls", Enemy of Ra, Evil Lizard, Rerek, Serpent from the Nile. World Encircler. In ancient Egyptian religion he, the "Great Snake" or as "He who was spat out" was the Lord of Darkness that lived in the underworld. He is also immortal and a Fallen God. This demon is the personification of chaos and all that is evil. A demon of the night (nocturnal), he has the ability to completely heal and rejuvenate damage done to his body by the Son God Ra, his personal advisary. Battling Ra often causes earthquakes and thunderstorms.  (Name variations:   Apap, Apis, Apophis, Apepi,  and Apopis.)

Apolhun - Also known as Angel of the Abyss, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Apolluon, Apollyon "one that exterminates", Apollyn and "the destroyer."  According to the Book of Revelation he is the demonic spirit of locusts.    (Name variations:  Abbadon, Apolluon, Appollyon, Apollyn)

Apolin - Infernal instructor who has the power to teach any subject. Name mostly likely derived from Apollo,  the Greek God of music, healing and prophecy and the sun.

Apophis - A serpent demon who stalks at night.

Appollyon - Called the "Angel of the Abyss", Greek name is Abaddon. An angel who is named in the Book of Revelation.

Aquares - Grand Duke of the east, rules thirty legions.

Aqueous Devils - Aquesous or aquatic devils are one of seven different types of demons. They appear as beautiful seductive women that prey on mankind and strike if the opportunity presents itself. They can be found around  lakes, oceans or other bodies of water. They have the ability to  drown swimmers, cause storms at sea that are strong enough that they could sink ships.

Arch She-Demons Name for female Archdemons in which throughout many grimoires there are eight such She-Demons listed. They are Agrat-Bat-Mahlaht, Astarte, Barbelo, Eisheth Zenunim, Leviathan, Lilith, Naamah, and Proserpine.

Archdemons, Ten - According to the Kabala there are ten Archdemons, who each commands an order of demons. The ten Archdemons are Abbadon, Adramelech, Agares, Ashtaroth, Asmodeus, Baal, Beelzebul or Beelzebub, Belial, lucifer and Moloch.

Ardat- Lili - These female demons swarm in great numbers and were originally called a storm demon but later evolved into a female night demon. Later the Book of Isaiah changes the name to Lilith.  Their goal is to visit males while they sleep to have sexual intercourse so that they may concieve and bear children.  The male equivalent of this type of demon is called Lilu. (Name variations:   Ardat, Ardat Lile, and Lilith.)

Arakiba - A Fallen Angel formly of the "Order of Angels" and one of the "Chiefs of Ten" mentioned in the Book of Enoch. He swore allegiance to  Samiaza and rebelled against God by lusting after and taking a human wife fathering the Nephilim (race of evil giants). He taught geomancy and the signs of the earth to man. His name means "one who has dominion over the earth."  (Name variations:  Arakiel, Arakiba. Araqiel. Artaqifa, Urakabarameel )

Asmoday - Thirty-second spirit listed in the Goetia. Also may be called Asmodai, a Great King who is strong and powerful. Appears with three heads, one like a bull, one like a man and one like a ram and a tail of a serpent and has flames coming from his mouth. He also has webbed feet like those of a goose. He rides an infernal dragon and carries in his hand a lance with a banner. He is first and choicest under the power of Amaymon . He teaches the arithmetic, astronomy, and geometry. He amongst the Legions of Amaymon govern 72 legions.  (Name variations:  Aeshma daeva "demon of  lust" or  "covetous demon", Asamod, "to destroy or exterminate", Ashme Deus, Ashtaroth, Asmodai, Asmodaois, Ashmodee, Asmodei, Asmodeus, Astarte, Astoreth, Azmonden, "to tempt , to try or prove", Chashmodai, the Destroyer, Sydonay )

Asmodeus - An Archdemon of wrath and impurity,  formerly of the "Order of Thrones." He was born of the incestuous relations between Tubal-Cain and his sister Naamah. He is often called upon during exorcisms and cases of collective possessions. He was one of the eighteen demons who possessed Sister Jeanne des Anges of Loudun France. Asmodeus was banished by Archangel Raphael.  (Name variations:  Asmodee,  Chashmodai )

Astaroth - Twenty-ninth demon listed in the Goetia, a Grand Duke, who orginally was a Palestinian God was reinterpeted by Christian demonologists,first named as a demonic goddess, then as a male demon of the "First Hierarchy of Hell." A Fallen Angel he is also formly of the "Order of Thrones", after his fall this demon holds many titles and ranks including Governor of Hell, Grand Duke of Western Hell, Head of the Eighth Order of Hell, Lord Treasurer of Hell, Prince of Accusers and Inquisitors, and Prince of Thrones. He appears as a naked obscene and loathsome, man with wings with a second set assumed to be his angelic wings, dragon hands and feet who rides a dragon (some text say wolf) and carries a viper in his right hand. Also when he appears he has a deadly stench. He is most powerful on Wednesdays between the tenth and eleventh hour of the night. A Demon of lust, seduction, sloth, and vanity. Teacher of all liberal sciences and will reveal how the angels fell, maRules 40 legions.  ( Name  variations:   Ashtaroth)

Astarte - She originally was a Goddess but evolved into the male Demon Astaroth. She is also listed as one of the eight Arch She-Demons. Since Astarte was so revered as a Goddess before she evolved, her now male form Astaroth holds the significant rank of Grand Duke in Hell.

Aym - A Grand Duke of Hell who commands twenty-six legions of demons. (Name variation:   Haborym.)

Azazel  - He is credited as one of the leaders of the  Watcher Angels that led the other Watcher Angels  astray (Shemyaza is also credited as  the leader that led them astray). Also known as Satanel, he is the Standard Bearer of the Armies of Hell. He taught men all the metals of the earth and how to use them to make armor and weapons. He had knowledge of precious stones and taught the art of making jewelry and ornaments encrusted with expensive precious stones, as well as how to use antimony (lead) and all the coloring tinctures for making the first cosmetics to color the eyelids and lips, and as one might say, he encouraged vanity amongst women. (Name variations:  Azael and Azazel.)


Baal - The first Principal Demon listed in the Goetia, a King who rules the East. His name means "Lord", as in ruler or possessor of place. He was worshipped as a storm and fertility god in Canaanite mythology. As a fertility god if he won the fight against his brother Mot the crops would be plentiful, but if Mot won there would be drought. Ancient worship of Baal required sacrificial burning of children. Bael was later demonized by Christian demonologists and made into an Archdemon. He is the demon of hate, anger, vengeance and war who commands the armies of Hell. He appears as a three headed beast with one head as a cat, second as a toad and third as a crowned man, with long spider legs protruding from his torso and when he speaks it is with a hoarse voice. This demon is most powerful during the month of October and has the ability to shape shift into a cat or a toad. He also has the power to make one turn invisible at will. He commands 66 legions. (Name variations:   Adon, Adonai, Aliyan Ha-ded, Ammon, Ba'al, Baal Hammon "the hidden god", Baal-Tzephon "god of the crypt, Bael, Beth Ayin Lamed "just lord", Ha-ded, Haddu, Seth "pillar" or "phallus.)

Baalam - Fifty first spirit listed in the Goetia, a terrible, great, and powerful King (some text say Duke), whose name means "avarice and greed." It is said his passion is "all the more dangerous because it seemed less evil." This demon is one of the demons who possessed Sister Jean des Anges. Will appear with three heads, first is like a bull, second is that of a man, and the third is like a ram. He has a tail of a serpent and flaming eyes and rides upon a furious bear carrying a goshawk (large short winged hawk) upon his fist. Speaks with a hoarse voice and gives true answers of past, present and future things to come, an make men go invisible and to be witty. Governs 40 legions. (Name variations:   Balam,   Balan)

Baalberith - Twenty-eighth spirit listed in the Goetia, also the twenty-eighth demon in that order was bound by Solomon. A "Fallen Angel", with various ranks including Grand Duke, Chief Secretary of Hell, Head of Public Archives, Master of Ceremonies, Master of the Infernal Alliance and Pontiff of Hell. He also goes by Beale or Beal, names given to him by man. Appears in the form of a soldier with red clothing riding upon a red horse wearing a gold crown on his head. Can give true answers to past, present and future but is also known as a great liar and not to be trusted. One of his major responsibilities is notarizing the pact drafted between humans and demons. Can turn all metals into gold. Speaks very clearly with subtle voice and is very talkative. He is listed as one of the demons who possessed a nun in 1612 in Aix-en-Provence. During the exorcism he gave his name and the other demons involved in the possession (Ashtaroth, Beelzebub), as well as a list of the saints who would be most effective against them. He is most powerful during the month of June. Governs 26 legions. (Name variations:  Baalam, Baalberity, Baalphegor, Paalsebul, Baalzephon, Bael, Baell, Balam, Belan, Balberith, Beal, Beleth, Belberith, Belfagor, Belial, Beliar, Belphegor, Berith, Bilet, Bileth, Byleth, Elberith.)

Baal - Beryth - Is the God of the winter sun and later demonized by midevil scholars and made into one of the Princes of Hell to be the Master of Rituals and Pacts.

Baalimm - According to Father Zacharias Visecome (1608) this demon is one of the 32 demons catalogued that will frequently take possession of humans.

Bael - The first principal spirit listed in the Goetia, Bael "lord" has the rank  of  First King of Hell of the Eastern Section. A good warrior, he appears as a cat, toad, or a man and at times appears as a conglomeration of all three and will speak with a hoarse voice. He has the ability to grant one on how to become invisible, the gift of alertness and cunningness. The angel Vehujah has power  over this demon.  (Name variations:   Baal,  Baell,  Beal,  Bel,  Bele,   Belenus,  Beli,  Belinus,  Belus)

Balkin - He is the King of the Northern Mountains of Hell.  He will perform acts of kindness and charity, he will also give answers to questions asked of him.  A giver of  good familiars , which are described as a span tail and these familiars will stay with the summoner for the rest of their life.  He appears riding upon a small goat and is preceded by numerous dwarves riding on chameleons.

Banim - Shovanin - This name in Judiac lore means "backsliding children,"  "mischievous son,"  or  "wayward sons."  A type of  Cambion demon, which means he was born of a human man and a Succubus.  These devious demon will show up at their father's deathbed or funeral claiming to be their son.  While seeking their birthright they will think nothing of phsyically harming or even eliminating the legiimate heir to claim what they consider to be theirs.  (Name variations:  Banim Shovavim) 

Barbatos - Eighth spirit listed in the Goetia. A Duke (some text say he was also a Count of Hell, and Earl of Hell). He's also one of the three "Servitors of Satanachia." He appears when the sun is in Sagittarius with four noble Kings and their troops. Was originally in the angelic "Order of Virtues." Can detect hidden treasures and break enchantments that have been put upon them. Teaches all manor of inhuman languages, such as barking of dogs, birds singing etc.. The angel Cahetel has power over him. Governs 30 legions as well as Commands four demonic Kings and their legions, the first legion of Hell, ten Chiefs, one hundred Servitors, eighty-seven demons under Samael and commands his own 30 legions.  (Name variations:  Barbas, Barginiel, Brumiel, Lerajie, Marbas)

Barbiel A  "Fallen Angel" and formerly of the "Order of Virtues" is considered an Archdemon. He is listed as one of seven "Planetary Princes of Hell" one of the "Seven Phantoms of Flame" and one of the seven "Electors of Hell" and also one of the twenty-eight demonic rulers of the lunar mansion Archaam.  He will cause problems with the harvest, travelers and will create discord between people.  He is the most powerful demon in his cosmology, by moving against the stars, affecting the economy and causing earthquakes.  He is under the command of Zaphiel, an angelic overlord.  (Name variations:  Barbuel,  Baruel)

Barfael -  A Prince and ranked as one of the "Electors of Hell."  He appears as a wild hog and is very accommodating. He holds the secrets to the Philosopher's Stone, he is the master of all arts and knows all secret knowledge.  (Name variations:  Barbuel)

Bathin - Eighteenth demon listed in the Goetia.  A Duke and Lieutenant , and the  Grimoire du Pape Honorius says that Bathin is "of a deeper reach in the source of fire, the second after Lucifer's Familiar and hath not his fellow for agility and affiableness in the whole Infernal Hierarchy. He appears as a man with a serpents tail riding upon a pale horse.  He has the ability to transport men from one country to another and he has knowledge of the properties of herbs and precious stones. He commands 30 legions.  (Name variations:   Bathim, Bathsim, Bathym, Marthim, Mathim)

Batibat - The name mean's "Nightmare" , they are demons nightmares.  They appear as a huge, old obese woman, and these night demons prey upon those who cut down the tree that they live in to use the wood as a support beam in a house or used for a bedpost on their bed. They will not leave the tree they lived in and will take it's vengence out on the inhabitants of the home. They are extremely territorial and can be very vengeful so that they will not let anyone sleep near their home.  If anyone should sleep there they will sit on their chest and suffocate them in their sleep,  preferring those who sleep in a room alone, at the very least  causing nightmares if hot trying to kill them in their sleep. If one does survive an attack from one, they are said to have become a naluganan ("something has taken hold") and will have the ability to see and hear the supernatural.  (Name variations:    Bangungot  (nightmare),  Fat Old Woman of the Post) 

Bearded Demon, The - Is named for his beard, but is otherwise will remain nameless so that one can not summon this demon who has knowledge regarding the secrets of the Philosopher's Stone. as King Solomon and Paracelsus are said to have done.

Beelzebub -  He was originally known as Baalzebub the Chief God of Ekron, a Philistine city, but in Christianity it is an alternative name for Satan or the Devil  has a variety of titles and ranks such as, chief of the false gods, the devill's chief of staff, founder of the Order of the Fly, grand chief, governor of Hell, prime minister of the Infernal Spirits, prince, supreme chief of the Infernal Empire, and sub-prince,  "God of Flies", and "Lord Fly of Flies."  A Fallen Angel, he was formerly of the "Order of Cherubim", he became the demon of gluttony, luck, money, the North, pride and prosperity. It is said that those who summon him would not survive the experience of looking upon his demonic form. He has been described as an enormous fly, a general monstrous form, a goat with a long tail and as a misshapen calf, (other texts say he is exceedingly tall which is obvious even when seated upon his throne, with a circle of fire that hovers around his head with two horn protruding and his chest is large and puffed out and his face is swollen with eyes that give a menacing stare, his nostrals are exceptionally large and he has a pair of bat wings that jut from his back. His feet are webbed like a duck and he has a lions tail with his body completely covered in  thick black fur).  It is said that he has a wolflike howl with the ability to send plagues of flies and he vomits enormous amounts of water when angered.  He was one of the demons blamed for the demonic possessions at Aix-en-Provence in 1611 involving Sister Madeleine de Demandolx de la Palud.  (Name variations:   Achor, Archon Daimonion, Baal the Prince, Baalsebul, Baal-zebub "lord of the fly". Baalzebub, Baalzebulg, Balzabouth, Beel d'boro, Beel-Zeboul "god of flies", Beelzebul, Beelzebus, Beelzebuth, Belzaboul, Belzebath, Belzebub, Belzebud, Belzebut, Belzebuth, Diabolos, Evil Chief of Binah, Lord of the Flies, Master of Calumny, Prince of Death, Prince of Demons)

Behemoth His name means "Several Animals",  he is a demon of indulgence who prefers the hours of darkness. he  holds the ranks of caretaker of wine cellars and is the grand cupbearer of the royal household and night watchmen of Hell. He oversees the feasts of Hell and it's his duty to serve the Devil his food and wine.  It is said that he is fairly stupid and only concerned with eating. He can shape change into a cat, fox, dog or wolf.  According to Jewish tradition only the creator of a behemoth can destroy it, which in this case would be Jehovah (God), and on Judgement Day the Behemoth will be slain by a whale and his body will provide the feast for the Celebration of Final Days and it will be the Lord who will distribute the meat to his followers. Behemoth was also one of the eighteen demons who possessed Sister Jeanne des Anges in Loudun, France in 1634.  (Name variation:  Behemiron)

Beleth - Thirteenth spirit listed in the Goetia. He is a Fallen Angel and formerly of the Order of the Powers and also Is a King who rides on a pale horse proceeded by a parade of trumpets and every type of musical instruments playing before him. He has the ability to secure love between a man and a woman. Commands 85 legions.   (Name variations: Bileth, Byleth "the mad King", Bilet)

Belial - His name means "worthless one" or "may have no rising", he is  said to be a particularly vicious demon and that never has Hell recieved a more heinous or worthless spirit.  A Fallen Angel of the Order of Seraphim and the Order of Virtues , in which he still contains standing in these orders. He is also leader of the Sons of Darkness. He was created next after Lucifer and was the first angel to be cast out of Heaven during the rebellion for being the one to persuade Lucifer to rebell against God. He is the demon of arrogance, deceit, hostility and lies whose domain is over all that falls in darkness.  He has the ability to help politicians achieve high levels of office and grant favours. He will tempt men to be disloyal,  gossip  and  to have rebellion in their hearts.  For women he tempt them to dress in finery, to be disrespectful of church by  gossipping  and to over indulge their children. Belial is the most powerful during the month of February.   (Name variations:  "The Beast," Beliall, Beliar, Beliel. Beliy'al  ("worthless"), Beliyya'al, Bell'yya'al, Matanbuchus, Satanel)

Beng - His name is essentially another name for "Satan" used by the Kalderdash and Romanian gypsies. He would often engage God in tests of strength, none of which he ever won. He prefers committing mischief during the night and he lives in the woods.

BerithTwenty-eighth demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel of the "Order of Cherubim", tanked a Duke and also tasked as the chief secretary and archivist of Hell  and also Hell's minister of foreign affairs.  A demon of disobedience, blasphemy and murder who is most powerful at noon on Mondays during the month of July.  He appears as soldier in a red uniform wearing a crown on his head riding upon a red horse. He will speak with a clear and subtle voice and is always accompanied by an orchestra.  He has the ability to answer questions truthfully regarding past, present and future, but if speaking and not about the question asked of him he will lie and can not be trusted especially with advice given by him.  He has the ability to turn all metals into gold, give confirmed dignities (high ranking positions), love spells and beautiful singing voices.  He is a great alchemist (occult) and will impart that knowlege, and he also has the ability of making men quarrel.  Commands 26 legions.                             (Name variations:   Baal Berith, Balberith, Batraal, Beal, Beall, Beale, Bele, Beleth, Beratiel, Berithi, Bileth, Bofi, Bofry, Bolfri, Bolfry, Byleth)

Bethor - He is listed as one of "Olympian Spirits", and has the ability to answer questions posed to him truthfully.  He can also bring together meetings between men and demons, extend a person's life by seven hundred years, create medicines that have miraculous healing properties, help move people into important positions  and move precious stones.  He gives also gives Familiars.  

Bianakith - He is the demon of decomposition and disease.  He hates the human body and can cause flesh to decay. He also has the ability to destroy houses.  To keep this demon from attacking write the words "Melto, Ardu, Anaath" on your front door of your home.

Bifrons - Forty-sixth spirit listed in the Goetia, an Earl, first appears in the form of a monster but with coaxing can conform to the shape of a man. He is a teacher of geomentary or anything involving measurement, has knowledge of precious stones, herbs and woods. Has the power to make one exceptionly knowledgeable in matters of astrology especially where the planetary houses are concerned. He is also associated with necromancy because he change the locations of bodies and and cause burning candles to appear on places of the dead. He can be restrained by the angel Ariel. Rules over 26 legions.   (Name variations:  Bierous,  Bifrous,  Bifrovs)

Blackeman - During the "Confessions of the Witches" one of the witches confessed to have dealings with a devil by the name of Blackeman who was under the command of Satan. He would appear looking like a man of varying heights, who wore black clothes with his ugly feet bare.  He would appear to poor women and gift them with two Familiars Greedigut and Grissell who would be in spirit form and who would with or without permission, regularly bring them money.  After sending the familiars and money Blackeman would then aggressively solicit sex from the women.  He also hasthe power to make himself invisible.

Botis - Seventeenth demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel who has dual ranks of President and Earl which allows for him to command the Second Legion of Hell. He first appears as a an ugly viper, at command takes the form of a human shape with great teeth, two horns while carrying a bright sharp sword in his hand. Tells all things past and future, can reconcile friends who have become enemies, can bolster a man's courage, solve any world conflict through warfare, help with making important decisions, and help ease tension in the home. Commands 60 legions.     (Name variation: Otis)

Buer - Tenth spirit listed in the Goetia, a President and one of the four "Servitors of Agaliarept." He appears when the sun is in Sagittarius (month of May), and has many appearances that he is known by, such as a centaur carrying a bow and a quiver of arrows, a five-spoke wheel that is rolls by itself, a man with the head of a lion and five goat legs surrounding his body so that he can walk in any direction he chooses, and a star. He has the ability to teach philosophy, both moral and natural, and also has great knowledge in the virtues of all herbs and plants, and is able to heal disease in man. Gives good familiars and will help lesser demons take form of small animals such as cats or toads. Commands 50 legions.

Bufiel - Demon of the night ruled by the Duke Buriel. Appears as a massive serpent with a human head, despises the light and will only appear during hours of darkness. Him and his lesser demon are extremely malevolent so much so that they are despised by other demons. Has a legion of 880 lesser demons.

Bune - Twenty-sixth spirit listed in the Goetia, a strong Duke known as the "Dragon Duke.". A demon of death and necromancy (communicating with the dead), who prefers the daylight. Bune has numerous demons (Bunis) under his direct command that are considered exceedingly evil and they practice their own brand of dark magic.He appears in the form of a dragon with three heads, one like a dog, one like a gryphon and one like a man who speaks in a high pleasant voice (some texts say he only speaks through a type of sign language). He has a flair for speaking and will impart sophistication and wisdom. Can changes burial places of the dead and can command his legions to gather under your place of rest (tome). He gives wisdom, and true answers and is most powerful during the summer. Commands 30 legions.    (Name variation:   Bime)


Caim - Fifty-third spirit in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel who holds the ranks of both President and Prince, along with titles of Grand Master of Hell and the Thrush President. He appears in the form of a thrush (bird), but can also assume the shape of a man holding a sword in his hand. Before his fall he was a member of the Order of Angels. When questioned it is said he gives answers in burning ashes or hot coals, and is best at answering questions concerning the future. He has the power to make people understand languages of animals such as birds, dogs, cattle and other creatures. He can also grant people with the ability to comprehend the meaning of the sounds of ocean, rivers and streams.  Commands 30 legions.  (Name variations:  Camio,  Caym,  Chamos,  Chamus,  Chium)

Cambions -   Post medievil European demonology holds the belief in the existence of a demonic hybrid offspring called a Cambion.  They were believed to be created when an Incubus and a human woman or an Incubus and a human man bore a child together. These hybrid children will develop the same as any child would but before the age of seven they will show little to no signs of life. As a demonic offspring they will truly not come to life until the age of seven and until that time it is acceptable for a witch unter to kill them. Cambion children are easy to detect as they will be born with some sort of deformity. As the hybrid grows to adulthood they grow tall, very muscular  with a dense form. Sometimes depending on the severity of deformity it may disappear altogether.  Some will choose to  live among humans peacefully while some by  nature will bold, arrogant and wicked.  Throughout history there have been  several famous individuals who were said to be cambions:  Alexander the Great, Caesar Augustus, Merlin (King Arthur fame), Plato, Romulus and Remus, Scipio Africanus,  and the father of William the Conquer. All these men were suspected of being fathered by an Incubus. In 1275 Angela de Labarthe of Toulouse France was burned at the stake for allegedly giving birth to a child born with a wolf's head and a snake's tail.  The reason given for the execution was "that only a creature from hell, like an Incubus could have been the father."      (Name variation:  Campions)

Charon - In Greek Mythology Charon the ferryman of Hades that carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of living from the world of the dead. A coin to pay for passage was sometimes placed in or on the mouth of a dead person. Some authors say that those who could not pay the fee or those whose bodies that were left unburied had to wonder the shores for one hundred years.   (Name variation: Kharon)

Chax - The forty-fourth demon listed in the Goetia, a Grand Marquis of Hell who has the power to take away sight, hearing and understanding, will steal money out of kings' houses, carrying it back to the people. He also steals horses and everything the one asks. Chax can also discover hidden things if they are not kept by evil spirits and sometimes gives good familiars, but sometimes those familiars can be deceiving. He should not be bothered too often. Chax is thought to be faithful and obedient, but is a great liar and will deceive. He knows when lies are told and uses these to teach a lesson. He appears as a stork that speaks with a hoarse but subtle voice; his voice changes into a beautiful one once he entered the triangle. Angel Jelahiah has power over this demon. Has power over 30 legions of demons on evil horses.    (Name variations: Shax, Shan, Shass, Shaz, and Scox)

Chief of Tens -   These were the twenty archangels listed in the Book of Enoch who decided to act upon their desire and lust for human women.  Knowing that there would severe consequences and afraid to act individually the angels met at the top of Mt. Hermon and all took a vow to act upon their desires.  Each of the Chief of Tens along with the Grigori  chose a human wife and thus created the race known as the Nephilim (race of evil giants).  The Chief of Tens:   Ananel,  Arakiba,  Armaros,  Asael,  Baraqijal,  Batarel,  Danel,  Ezeqeel,  Jomjael,  Kokabiel,  Kawkabel,  Rameel,  Ramiel,  Samiaza,  Samsapeel,  Sariel,  Satarel,  Tamiel,  Urakabarameel and Zaqiel.

Cimejes - Sixty-sixth spirit listed in the Goetia, a Marquis who commands all the demons of Africa and appears in the form of a strong and powerful warrior riding on a black horse. He has the ability to teach people to speak perfect grammar, use logic, and the art of rhetoric. He has the ability to reveal where treasures are and to find objects that are lost or hidden and is able to transform men into soldiers. Commands 20 legions.   (Name variations: Cimeries, Cimeyes, Cymries, Kimaris, Tuvries)

C ounts of Hell -   There are seventeen Counts listed in various Grimoires and they are:  Ayperor,  Ayperos, Barbatos,  Bifrons,  Botis,  Camiel,  Furfur,  Ipes,  Marax,  Murmur,  Orias,  Raum,  Renove,  Ronobe,  Saleos,  Vine and Zaebos.  Counts are considered to be the demons in the "Superior Order," and the number of servitors they command varies.

Cresil - Is one of the seven princes of hell, considered the demon of slovenliness, impurity and laziness.

Crest of Dragons - Is a three headed dragon with human hands (mentioned in the Testament of Solomon) who is known to make unborn children blind, deaf and mute, and cause men to have seizures. This demon was made to make bricks for the construction of the king's temple.

Criminatores -  Are one of eight orders of demons known as the demons of calumny ( "accusers" or "slanderers"),  who are evil archangels and archdemons under the domain of Astaroth and Ishtar-Astaroth (better known as the Whore of Babylon).     (Name variation:   Exploratores)

Crocell - Forty-ninth spirit listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel who is one of the Dukes of Hell, who appears in the form of an angel who will speak mystically of hidden things. Before his fall he was a member of the Order of Powers. He is associated with water and has the power to warm bodies of water, will create the illusion of the sound of rushing waters were there is no water, and he has the ability to discover where natural baths are located, as well as the ability to make boiling water freeze solid. Is a teacher of geomentary and other liberal sciences. Commands 48 legions.   (Name variations: Crocelli, Crokell, Procel, Procell, Pucel)


Dabog -  He was originally a sun god in Slavic lore, who was demonized with the arrival of Christianity to that region.  He is ranked as a demonic Lord, a demon of the underworld.  He appears as looking like a lame and ugly shepherd of wolves and has a silver beard.  A Dabog is associated with precious gems  and smith work, with his sacred metal being bronze.  The Greek smith-gods or weapon smiths in ancient times used small amounts of arsenic in bronze to make it harden the metal and these low levels of arsenic poisoning caused lameness and skin cancers hense his appearance being lame and ugly. He lives in the underworld but wonder the mortal world by shape-shifting into a wolf. There is a Slavic saying that goes "Dabog is tsar  (supreme ruler) on earth, and the Lord God is in Heaven."  His personal adversary is the God of Christianity.    (Name variations:  Daba, Dabo, Dajbog, Dajob, Dajboi, Dazbog, Dazh'bog, Dazhdbog, Hors Dazhbog, Hromi, Hromi Daba (Lame Daba),  Lame, "shepherd of wolves,"  "the silver tsar,"  Vid, Zuariscici  "son of Svarog" )

Dagon - A Fallen Angel formerly of the Order of Angels whose name means "fish" or "fishlike was originally a Philistines and Semitic god of grain and agriculture. As a god he was a powerful and war minded protector. It is said that when the philistines captured the Ark from the Israelites the placed it in a temple of Dagon's. The Ark then destroyed the upper part of the statue of Dagon, leaving only it's lower fish half intact.  He is described as having the lower body of a fish.  He was later demonized during the introduction of Christianity and holds many titles, such as grand pantler of the royal household, judge of the dead, master baker of Hell, and prison guard of the seven children of Emmesharra.    (Name variations:  Be-Dingir (Lord of the gods),  Be-ka-na-na (Lord of Canaan),  Dagan,  Dagana,  Dagn (rain-cloud), Dagon Marnas,  Daguna,  Dgn (Dagnu),  Digan,  Siton, Ti-lu ma-tim (dew of the land),  Zeus Arotrios)

Dantalion - Seventy-first demon listed in the Goetia, a  Duke known as the "Duke of Faces"  who appears in the form of a man with many faces and carries a book in his right hand. He has the illusionary power to create an accurate image of any person, male or female from around the world no matter how far away they are. He is a teacher of all arts and sciences and has the abillity to bring about love and lust in people. He also has the ability to know the thoughts of men and women and alter those thoughts on a whim if he so chooses. He can also reveal the secrets people have. He is the most powerful during the month of March and  he can be constrained by the angel Hajajel.  Commands  36 legions.  (Name variations:   Dantalian,  Dantallion,  Dantanian,  Dantelion)

Decarabia - Sixty-ninth demon listed in the Goetia,a marquis who at first appears as a star in a pentacle but can later assume the form of a man after manifestation. He has the ability to make birds manifest before his summoner and have them sing and drink as though tamed and he gives birds as Familiars. He has knowledge of herbs and precious stones and will impart this knowledge upon request. Can be constrained by the angel Roehel. Commands 30 legions.  (Name variations:  Carabia, Decarbia, Narcoriel, Nestoriel)

Devil, The - In Judeo-Christian mythology, the Devil is the ruler of Hell who commands all the demons and devils.  This annointed Fallen Angel was created by God to enact is His divine will. He rebelled against God and is now considered the source of all evil, and is the supreme advisary to Godand and mankind alike. The Devil is an expert tempter and tormenter as well as a master of deceit. Before the sixth century there was no physical description of the Devil, then after he was described as a small, black impish figure.  Then after pagan religions were demonized the description began to take on aspects of the god Pan, with him being cloven-hoofed and bearded. The Devil as both a name and evil concept is used interchangeably with LUCIFER and SATAN.         (Name variations:   Lucifer,  Satan)

Djinn - According to Islamic mythology the Djinn (angry, possessed) are a race of demons that are divided into species. The first species has five classes: Afreet,  GHILAN, Jann, Marid and the Sheitan,  the second species only has three classes:  GHUL,  IFRIT, and SILA.  They are created by Allah (GOD) out of smokeless fire, and they were given permission to attempt to seduce and tempt men away from God's teachings.  The Djinn will avoid direct sunlight (they are nocturnal) , salt and steel,  and they have the ability to shape-shift into a variety of animals such as insects, reptiles, frogs, lizards, scorpions, snakes, and can even change into heavily muscled youths, wrinkled old men and inanimate objects.  They can also take the form of a hybrid animal, such as hyenna-wolf crossbreed. They have the ability to make themselves invisible, cause insanity, foretell the future, possess inanimate objects and spread diseases. The Djinn are capable of procreation with their own species as well as with humans (They have Incubus like tendencies) and the offspring of the Djinn and human will take on the best qualities of each parent.  They are unlike other demons as the Djinn have free will (the same free will given to mankind by God) to choose to be good or evil and evil djinn can be redeemed if they are converted to Islam.  When a Djinn is mortally wounded it will bleed fire and eventually the flames will consume the demon.  They are immortal and unless slain will live forever. They do fear two things, the " falling stars" that God can throw at them and the sound of singing.  Outside of their homeland (Jinnistan) they will dwell in abandoned buildings, caves, graveyards, places of darkness, and underground.  A belief is, if a djinn is near by cattle will refuse to drink if driven to water. Djinn are known to be very quick tempered and vain.   (Name variations:  Ajnan (male),  Jinniyah (female),  Ande, CIN, Cinler, the "concealed ones."  the dark one,"  DIV, Djin, Djinnee, Djinni, Djinny, Dschin, Duh, DZin, Dzsinn, Genii, Genie,  Genio, GHADDAR, G inn, Haltija, Hengetar, JANN, Jin, Jinn, Jinnee,  (plural: Jineeyeh), Jinni, Jinnie, Jinniy, Ka-Jinn (fire demon),  Kijini, Marid, Mareed, Maride, Nar, Nara, QUTRUB, SE'IRIM, Skyddsande, Szellem, Xhind.

Dog -  Although most dogs are faithful and loyal, ancient belief says that dogs are commonly the companion of a necromancer  and they were suspect especially if they are solid black, and it also believed this was one of the forms the Devil would to be closer to the necromancer without raising to a lot suspicion.   (Name variation: The Devil's accomplice)

Dommiel - Is the demon of terror and trembling. He is the Guardian of the Gates of Hell.

Dybbuk - The concept of dybbuk was first entered into Judaism by means of the mysticism that was practiced in the eighth century when Jews were forbidden to practice any forms of mysticism for fear it would weaken their faith, then by the twelveth century mysticism was an accepted part of the Kabala and totally accepted by the sixteenth century.  The dybbuk an evil and restless vampiric spirit  whose name means "cleaving" or   "clinging"  is said to be one of the children born of LILITH, while other texts say it was created through an act of sorcery.  First beliefs in the Dybbuk thought it to be a demon, but was later changed to be the soul of a person attempting to escape final justice. For the dybbuk to survive it must gain entry into a human body by:  allowing itself to be breathed in through incense ,  or may embed itself in a piece of food about to be eaten.  It will typically make it's way into the body by force if necessary whether through the nostril or another orifice.  Once in the body it will take up residence in the pinky finger or one of the toes and feed off the person's life force. The dybbuk has a "sweet tooth" and while in the body it will drive the person to comsume candy and other sweets and as a result the person will tire and soon fall ill. They may develop a twitch and start to vomit up a white foamy substance, then after awhile the dybbuk will start to cause mental illness.  With the person weak and broken down the dybbuk can become the dominant personality. Eventually the dybbuk will leave the body, as it can only occupy a person's body for a limited amount of time.  A rabbi who has specialized training to perform the complex ritual may be able to drive the dybbuk away.   (Name variations:  Dybbukim (plural),  Gilgul "clinging soul")


Eblis -  As a Fallen Angel he has the title "Chief of Those Who Rebel" and  whom there are two stories of, the first was the as an angel resided in Azaze the Heaven nearest God, but he refused to bow to Adam and acknowledge Adam as a superior creation.  He joined the angels during the rebellion and was banished to Hell and while there was transformed into a SHAITAN (demon) and condemned to haunt ruins and eat unblessed food until Judgement Day. The second story is that he was a Djinn captured in the great war between the Djinn and the Angels, and was taken back to Heaven, was re-educated and gained angelic status where he became the Treasurer of the Heavenly Paradise. Upon learning his brother Djinn had regrouped and preparing for another attack on Heaven, seeking  even more power he broke free from the angels and rejoined  his fellow Djinns to lead them and became the chief of all the Djinns.  He was the angel who taught men how to make tools and develop skills that were forbidden to them.   (Name variations:  AZAZEL, the Father of Devils, the Great Satan,  Haris, Iblees, IBLIS,  the Satan of Mohammed)

Eligor - Fifteenth demon listed in the Goetia, called the Knightly Duke, who appears in the form of a good knight carrying a lance, an ensign and a serpent. Discoverer of hidden things and can tell the future. Can foretell the outcome of wars and how the soldiers will meet. He can help to persuade the favor of lords and knights. He is most powerful during the fourth hour of the night during the month of June. Can be constrained by the angel Haziel. Rules over 60 legions.   (Name variations: ABIGOR, Eligos, Ertael, Jefischa)

Eurynomus - A demon who has the dual titles of  Prince of Hell and Knight of the Order of  the Fly.  He is said to be the demon of death and likes to feed on corpses.  He is described as having long wolf like teeth and a hideous black - skinned body covered with open sores, wearing fox skin clothing.   (Name variations:  Eurynome, Eurynomos, Eurymone)


Flauros - Sixty-fourth demon listed in the Goetia, appears who first appears as a leopard but at the command of the exorcist will take the form of a human shape with flaming fiery eyes. Will give answers to past, present and future things to come, talks about the creation of the world, divinity and how he and the other angels fell. Can be constrained by the angel Mehiel.  Commands 36 legions.    (Name variations:  HAURES,  Haurus, Havres)

Focalor -   The forty-first demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel and formerly of the Order of Thrones. He holds the rank of Duke and is under the command of the demon Mammon. He appears in the form of a man with gryphon wings. He is a demon associated with water, who has the power and reputation to overthrow ships of war and drown men. It is said he can be commanded to leave people unharmed and he will willing comply. He hopes to return to the Seventh Throne (Heaven) after 1,000 years. He can be constrained in the name of the angel Hahahel. Commands  30 legions.    (Name variations:  Forcalar,  Furcalor, Lucifuge Rofocale, Rofocale)                                

Foras - Thirty-first demon listed in the Goetia. A President of Hell and will appear in the form of a strong man in human shape. Can teach the virtues of herbs and precious stones and also teach the arts of logic, ethics eloquence, palmistry, pyromancy and rhetoric.  He has the ability to discover treasures and recover things lost, invisibility and  long life. He can be constrained by the angel Lectabal. Commands 29 legions.   (Name variations:  Forcas, Forras, Furcas)

Forneus - Thirtieth demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel formerly of the Order of Thrones. He holds the rank of  Marquis,  and appears as a sea monster. Teaches the Art of Rhetoric and how to have the knowledge and understanding of Tongues. Has the ability to make your enemies like you as well as your friends. He can be constrained by the angel Omael.  Commands  29 legions,  part are that of the Order of Thrones and part are angels.    (Name variations:  Firneus, Fornjotr)

Furcas - Fiftieth demon listed in the Goetia, a Knight who is the only one of the 72 Goetic demons to hold this rank. He appears as a cruel old man with a long beard and a hoary head (gray or white hair) riding a pale colored horse carring a sharp spear in his hand. A teacher of philosophy, astrology, rhetoric, logic, cheiromancy (palm reading), pyromancy (divination by fire), in all their parts and teach them perfectly. He can be constrained in the name of the angel Daniel. Has power over 20 legions. 

Furfur - Thirty-fourth demon listed in the Goetia. A Great Earl who appears as an adult male deer with a fiery tail. He will never speak truthfully unless he wishes to or is brought up within a triangle in which he take the form of an angel. Speaks with a hoarse voice, and will wittingly urge love between man and woman. He can cause great storms of thunder and lightning. He can give true answers of both things secret and divine. Can be compelled and constrained by the angel Lehahiah. Commands 26 legions of spirits.   (Name variations: Eureur, Faraji, Farris, Furfures, Furtur)


Gaap - Thirty-third demon listed in the Goetia. A Fallen Angel, in Heaven he belonged to the angelic Order of Powers. Is described as both President and Prince of Hell, he can inspire both love and hate among people,and he has the ability to make people invisible and strike people senseless. He has the power to transport people from one country to another.Gaap will give Familiars that he took from their current masters. He can be constrained by the angel Jehujah.   (Name variations: Goap, Gorson, Tap, Zaazonash, Zazel)

Gabio - A Duke who serves King Barmiel during the hours of the night. He iss associated with the south. This demon has no legions below him.

Gadreel - A Fallen angel mentioned in the Book of Enoch, whose name means "God is my helper." He is credited as the angel that led Eve astray by having sexual relations with her. He also taught humanity how to craft weapons and armor and how to effectively use these items.    (Name variations: Gader'el, Gadrel, Gadriel)

Gaeneron - A Duke who appears as a beautiful woman riding a camel, he can reveal where hidden treasure is. He can also respond to questions asked him about the past, present or future. Gifted at procuring the love of beautiful women. Commands 27 legions.

Galla - The galla were the messengers and the seven attendants of the death goddess Ereshkigal, who are the only beings that had the ability to travel back and forth from Kur, the underworld. These demons are incorruptible as they can not be bribed. They have no need to eat or drink and they have no sexual desires. They are described as having claws and fangs and carrying axes. Galla hunt the earth terrorizing mankind and they will occasionally bring a person back to  the underworld with them. They especially hate children.   (Name variation:  Gallu)

Gallath - This demon has ties to the art of divination in connection to a scrying spell. He helps reveal the identity of thieves and bring the thief back to face justice.

Gamigin - Fourth demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel who holds the rank of Marquis. He appears in the form of a little horse or ass but can change shape to assume the form of a man and when he speaks it is with a rough voice.. His main power is a form of necromancy. He is able to call upon souls that have drowned at sea and souls confined to purgatory (ones who died in a state of sin), and have them appear in non-physical bodies to interrogate them into answer any questions asked of them. He is most powerful in the month of April. He can be constrained by the angel Elemiah. Commands 31 legions.    (Gamigm, Gamygyn,  Samigina)

Gamori - The fifty-sixth demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel she is a Duke of Songs. She appears as a beautiful women with a duchess crown tied around her waist riding upon a large camel. She knows all things from the past, present and future and also where treasures are hidden. She has the ability to secure the love of a woman to a man.  (Name variations:  Gremory, Gamory)

Gaziel - This demon works in conjuction with Anarazel and Fecor.  He has the ability to call up violent windy storms, cause fear, cause ghosts to appear, ring the bells at midnight and to shake the foundations of homes.   (Name variation:  Gaxiel)

Glasya-Labolas - The twenty-fifth demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel who holds the duel ranks of an Earl and President. He is also a master of murderers and has the ability to inspire murder and bloodshed. He also has the ability to create love between friends and enemies, foretell the future and grant invisibility.  He appears in the form of a dog with wings like a gryphon. He is under the service of  Nebiros. He commands 36 legions.  (Name variations:  Glacia Labolas, Caasimolar,  Caassimolar,  Glasya,  Glasyalabolas)

Gorgo - Another name for Satan.

Gusion - The eleventh demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel known as the Wise Duke is named as one of the for Servitors of Agaliarept.  He looks like a cynocephalus (a dog-headed being) and is a demon of the daylight hours. He has the ability to show the meaning and resolution to any questions asked of him of past, present or future, to grant dignity and honor and to reconcile enemies. He is at his most powerful during the month of May.  He is said to answer to the angel Laviah.  He commands 40 legions.  (Name variations:  Gusayn,  Guseyn,  Gusoin,  Gusoyn)


Haagenti - Forty-eighth spirit demon in the Goetia, a President who appears in the form of a mighty bull with gryphon wings but is able to change into human form. He has the power to make men wise by instructing them in every subject, can transmute all metals in gold and also has the ability to change wine into water and water into wine. Can be controlled in the name of the angel Mihael.   Commands 33 legions.   (Name variations:  Hagenit,  Hagenith, Hagenti,  Zagan,  Zagum)

Hael - He causes the creation of gossip,  will reveal secrets and teaches the art of language, letter writting, and tactics.  He serves under Nebiros.  Commands eight demonic servitors with the Sergulath.

Halphas - Thirty-eighth demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel is anEarl who appears in the form of a stock-dove (European wild pigeon), whose office is to build towers and supply them with ammunition and weapons. He also sends men-of-war (warriors) to their appointed places. Can be constrained by the angel Haamiah. Commands 26 legions.   (Name variations: Halpas, Malthus, Mathas)

Haures - Sixty-fourth demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel and a Duke who appears at first as a leopard, but is able to change into human form with flaming fiery eyes. Will answer questions about past, present and future things to come. He will also talk about the creation of the world, divinity and reveal how he and the other angels fell. Can be constrained by the angel Mehiel. Commands 36 legions.   (Name variations: Hauras, Havres, Flauros)

Hekesha - A "Lilith" type demon, thought to attack people during the night hours particularly going after infants in their cribs.

Hutriel - Is ranked as the supervisor of the fifth division of Hell and said to be hostile  by nature.  Described as looking like an ass.


Iblis - A Fallen Angel, Iblis has been mentioned in the Book of Revelation, the Book of Yezidi, and the Koran. He has been called the Ruler of Hell, the chief of the spirits of evil and a Djinn. Created by God and created from the element of fire, he is the father of five evil Djinn sons. Iblis has sworn to tempt mankind until Judgement Day. He has the ability to lay eggs from which demons are born, and have the ability to shape-shift into any form, self impregnate so that more evildoers are born. He also knows the three sacred words that grant immortality. Proud Iblis loves the idea of divinty but is powerless against God (Allah) and his followers. He appears as having the head of a donkey wearing a peacock feathered headdress or as a hermaphrodite.  (Name variations: "The Bruised One," El-Harith, Enais, "Father of the Sheitans," Haris, Shaitan, Shaytan, Sheitan)

Idpa - Known as "Fever" is one of the seven demons working in unison from Sumerian demonology, and is mention in the Magan Text.  An AERIAL DEVIL who is under the command of Ereshkigal, the  goddess of gloom and death. This demon can not be prevented from entering into a person's home, and once inside he possesses  one of the occupant by entering their body through the head.  Idpa lives in the desert and in abandoned places of worship where sacrifices have taken place.

Igrat - A Succubus and although a female in appearance, is ranked as the King of Demons.  She is a demon is nocturnal and travels with LILITH, Mahalath and NAAMAH, and she commands ADAD the king of Edom and ASHMODAI. A story told of her is that she visited  King David (a mortal) in a dream and conceived a son by him and named the CAMBION (see Cambions) offspring Adad after which he came to be called Ashm'dai and later Asmodai.

Incubus - A demon that feeds off the sexual energy of humans and is described by it's female victims as "feeling" male.  At night this demon will assault a woman while she is sleeping and steal her sexual energy from her but the woman seldom wakes during the attack.  Once this demon has locked on to a woman it is very hard to drive it away , and an Incubus mainly prefers Nuns.  Incubi can father children with their female victims and these offspring are known as Cambions.  (Name varition:  plural: Incubi).

Ipos - Twenty-second demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel who has the duel titles of Earl and Prince.  He knows of things past, present and future things to come and appears in the form of an angel with a lion's head, goose feet and a hare's tail. He has the power to make men bold and witty. He can be constrained with the name of the angel Jajael. Commands 36 legions.   (Name variations: Ipes, Aiperos, Aypeos, Ayporos)


Jan-Ibn-Jan - The last of seventy-two  Suleymans (Kings) listed of the Djinn.  He is the ruler of Jinnestan and his shield came into the hands of King Solomon, allowing King Solomon to bind demons. His personal adversary is the angel Iblis (not to be confused with the demonic king of the Shaitans Iblis).   (Name variations:  Jin bin Jan,  Jann al-Jann) 

Jezebeth - Is the demon of falsehood and lies.  (Name variations: Iezabel "chaste, intact,"  Iyzebel "unchaste" or "without cohabitation,"  Jezebel)

Jomjael - His name means "Day of God" A Fallen Angel who is listed in the Book of Enoch as one of the CHIEFS OF TENS who swore allegiance to SAMIAZA, rebelled against God to take a hunam wife and fathered the NEPHILIM (race of evil giants).   (Name variations:  Yomyael,  "Day of God")

Jove - A Fallen Angel named in the Book of Enoch who swore allegiance to SAMIAZA and rebelled against God and took a human wife and fathered the NEPHILM (race of evil giants).


Kakabael - A Fallen Angel listed in the Book of Enoch who is listed as one of the Chief of Tens and a former angelic prince of the Order of Principalities and also prince regent of the stars and constellations.  After his fall he became the demon of the constellations and stars.  He went on to teach mankind astrology  and the science of all the constellations.   (Name variations:  Akibeel,  Cocabel,  Kakabael,  Kakabael,  Kawkabel,  Kochbiel,  Kokabel "star of God,"  Kokabiel,  Kokb'ael,  Kokos)

Kalengu - Is essentially another word for "demons."

Kasdeya In the Book of Enoch, a Fallen Angel and possibly a Cherubim before the fall, this demon is believed to be female and almost human looking with having a long head of hair.  Ranked as on of the FIVE SATANS and the physician of the  "WATCHERS",  as well as a demon of abortions, snake bites and sunstroke,  she taught mankind herbology and how to perform abortions and cure various diseases including those of the mind as well as how to fight against demons and spirits.   She is the symbol of fire and  thought to be the creator of the bollod magic that was used during the Middle Ages.  It is said that her greatest sin is considered to be her teachings of how to cure the illnesses of the mind.   (Name variations:  Beqa,  Kasdaya,  Kasdaye,  Kasdeja,  Kasdeya,  Kasdeys,  Kashdejan,  Kasyade "observer of the hand,"  Kesdeja,  Kisdeja,  the son of the serpent,  Taba'ta)                                                                                                  

Kataris - He is the demon of dogs and all that which is profane.  He is most powerful during the tenth hour.

Knights of Hell - There are four named demons who hold the official rank of knight in the various demonic hierarchies and grimoires:  CHAMO, ELIGOR, FORCAS, and LEONARD even thought two demons are "described as appearing as a  "knight"  ABIGOR and EURYNOME are not.

Kobal - An Incubus under the command of LILITH, this demon is a dramatist and manager of the infernal theater who holds the positions of entertainment director of Hell and stage manager of the Masters of the Revels. As a demon patron of comedians he will tempt men with pretense and fraud.


Legion   The word legion infers "a number of 2,000 or more."   In the Christian New Testament gospels of Mark, Luke and Matthew each describe their own similiar story of where Jesus was walking in a town near the Sea of Galilee and he encountered a possessed man who came running out of a graveyard, forbidding anyone to pass.  When Jesus confronted the demon within the man, demanding to know the demon's name, to which it responded "My name is Legion, for we are many."  Jesus then cast out the thousands of demons that were housed within the Demoniac, and sent the beings into a herd of swine.  The swine panicked and ran off a ledge into the water, drowning.    (Name variations:  Gadarenes Demon,  the Gerasene Demon,  Gergesenes  Demon)

Leonard - This demon holds many ranks and titles such as:  chief of the subaltern demons (those of a lower status),  grand master of the Witches, Sabbaths,  inspector general of black magic and sorcery,  Knight of the Fly, and Marquis. Normally a demon who is reserved and melancholy, his demeanor  will change to commanding and powerful when he's  presiding over a witch's Sabbath.  This demon has not just one but three different appearances,  one of a three horned black goat with the head of a fox or a man, second as an archer wearing green clothes carrying a bow and quiver, and third as a goat's body from the waist up with three horns, foxlike ears, flaming eyes, goose feet and a second face on his bottom.  He has the ability to cause battles and contests to break out and also has the ability to teach black and sorcery, along with being able to shape-shift into a black bird,  a steer, a bloodhound and oddly enough a sad face upon a tree trunk.  He serves under the demon Azazel.   (Name variations:  BAPHOMET,  Goat of Mendes,  "Le Grand Negre" (The Black Man),  Leraie, LERAIEL,  Leraikha,  Leraje,  Master Leonard, URIAN)

Leraje - Fourteenth demon listed in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel, and a Marquis great in power. Appears in the likeness of an archer clad in green carrying a bow and quiver full of arrows. Has the power to cause great battles and contests, and to putrefy all wounds that are made with arrows by archers. He can be constrained by the angel Mebahel. Commands 30 legions of spirits.    (Name variations: Leraie, Leraikha, Loray, Oray)

Leviathan - God created a male and female Leviathan, this the female is an Archshe-Demon, and formerly of the Order of Seraphim, who is mean natured, and a demon of envy and faith, and a aquatic demon who has a fear of a species of sea-worm called kilbit because it clings to the gills. Created by God on the fifth day of Creation she is described as a monstrous female sea creature that is three hundred miles long and has eyes that glow as if they were twin suns and breathe so foul that to breath it in it could kill. She used her supernatural strength to hunt and eat a whale a day. She is said to have lived in the Mediterranean Sea, but so this creature could not reproduce God slew the female leviathan, salted it and fed it to his people and used the hide of the beast to make the tent the feast was held under.   (Name variations: Behemah "beast," Livyatan, Liwyatan "Twisted Coil," Levitan, LOTAN, Taninim)

Lilis - A devil,  is said to be the wife of Satan.  She is one of the four Devils of Adam, and commands the demons MACHALAS, NAOME, OGERE. During the one hundred and thirty years before Adam was married to Eve, he fathered many offspring with these demons.   (Name variation:   LILITH)

Lilith - The first wife of Adam whom was cast from the Garden of Eden because she would not commit completely to Adams rule. She is depicted as night demon and she appears as a maiden ghost that preys upon men in their sleep, and supposedly because she died without ever having sex she yearns for what she could not have. She is greatly feared because her embraces are considered to be fatal. Many doctrines say she became the mother of demons after laying with fallen angels like Lucifer and Samael. During the time Adam was under the "curse" it was said that he sired demons. During this time Adam would not lay with his wife Eve for one hundred and thirty years and instead it was Lilith who came to lay with him and bore demons by his seed. Being greatly feared by Jews because of her fondness of attacking infants and mothers in childbirth that protective amulets and tallismans were designed and worn as protection against her.   (Name variations: Night Hag, Abeko, Abito, Abro, Ardad-Lili, Lilla, Lildtha, Princess of Hell, The Queen of Hell, Chief of the Succubi, Lilithu, Bogey-Wolf, Maid of Lilla, Child Stealing Witch, Woman of Harlotry, Kiskil, Astarte, Amizo, Alio, Larbartu, Night Jar, Lillake, Lamashtu)

Lilitu - They are a class of demons believed to haunt the deserts and wastelands, have association with Lilith.   ( Name variation:  Lilin A plural form of Lilith)

Lucifer - A Fallen Angel formerly of the Order of Cherubim was once a Seraphim and he was the most beautiful of all the angels and once the foremost angel in heaven second only to God. He was called the "Light Bearer" and the "Morning Star", but motivated by sinful pride he rebelled against God and was cast out of Heaven and cast into the abyss until the final judgement. He holds numerous ranks in Hell including emperor, minister of justice of Hell, Prince of Darkness, Prince of Demons, Prince of Hell, Prince of Pandemonniom, Prince of the Power of Air, and Prince of this world (or age), This once beautiful angel who fell from grace continues the war against God by seeking to torture, torment, and tempt humanity within the mortal world and to aquire souls to keep them from God. This demon of pride commands the Infernal Armies. (Name variations: the Adversary, the Prince of Hell, the Angel of the Abyss, Son of the Morning, Angel of Light, His Satanic Majesty, the Arch-Fiend, the Great Dragon, the Father of Lies, Bearer of Fire, Bearer of Light, the Evil One, Lightbeard, Morning Star, the Sower of Discord, Los, Lucibel, Luciper, Lucipher, Lussibiaus, Heylel Ben Shacher, the Tempter, Roaring Lion, Ancient Serpent, the Enemy of All Good, Zu, Oppressor of the Saints, Leohtberende, Murderer, the Proud One)


Maamah - She is both a Fallen Angel and a Succubus as well as the mother of the demon ASMODAI.  Maamah is one of the four  DEMONS  of  PROSTITUTION.  She appears as a woman with an animal like body who is often depicted as crouching and eating the earth.  A demon of divination and music she is a consort to LILITH the LESSER, the wife of Samael.   (Name variations:  Naamah "pleasant,"  Na'amah,  Nahemah,  Malkuth)

Malphas - Thirty-ninth demon listed in the Goetia, who is a Grand President (or Prince), called the president of deceivers and a demon that is very powerful. Will appear at first as a crow but will take human form that speaks with a hoarse voice upon the request of an exorcist. Is a builder of houses and high towers, and can bring you knowledge of your enemies thoughts and desires and things they have done, but he can also destroy enemies desires and disrupt their thoughts, raze their buildings and reveal the enemies plans. He gives good Familiars, and will deceive those who make a sacrifice to him. Commands 40 legions.    (Name variations: HALPHAS. Malthous, Malthus)

Mammon - A Fallen Angel, formerly of the Order of Thrones, and an Archdemon, is called the demon of avarice. He is ranked as the prince of tempters and Hell's ambassador to England. He described as looking wolf like.

Marax - Twenty-first demon listed in the Goetia, has dual titles of Earl and President and is described as "that delays, that stops." He appears as a bull with a man's face at first but when he teaches he assumes the shape of man. He is a teacher of Astronomy and the Liberal Sciences. He also has knowledge and will teach the virtues of precious stones and herbs. He also gives Familiars that are said to good natured and wise and that know gemology and herbology. He can be constrained by the angel Nelchael. Commands 30 legions.   (Name variations: Forall, Forfax, Morax)

Marbas - Fifth demon listed in the Goetia, a President and the Master of the Seal. He appears first in the form of a lion but can assume the shape of a man. Finder of secret or hidden things, will cause diseases then cure them. Teaches mechanical arts and can change men into other shapes. Commands 36 legions.     (Name variation: BARBAS)

Marchosias - Thirty-fifth demon listed in the Goetia. a Fallen Angel and formerly of the Order of Dominions. He is ranked as a Prince or Grand Marquis, who will appear at first in the form of a wolf with gryphon wings and a serpents tail who spews fire out of his mouth. Upon command of an exorcist he will take the form of a man. A strong fighter who has the ability to spit fire told Solomon that after twelve thousand years he hopes to return the Seventh Throne.      (Name variations: Marchocias, Marchoias)

Mastema - A Fallen Angel , whose name means "animosity"  is an executioner , tempter, and the prince of condemnation, evil, and injustice.  He is in service under God and commanded the offspring of the Fallen Angels, the Nephilim.  Throughout the Bible Mastema's name is mentioned, such as in Exodus 4:24 when he tried to kill Moses, he hardened Pharaoh's  against the plight of the Jews,  he also assisted the Egyptian sorcerer in performing magic tricks when Moses and Aaron come before Pharaoh, and when God decided to flood the world he was the one that convinced the Lord to spare some of the demons so that he could continue with his work of tempting mankind.  He was allowed to keep one-tenth of those under his command.    (Name variations:  The Accusing Angel,  the Angel of Adversity, Mansemat,  the Angel of Hostility)

Murmur - Fifty-fourth demon listed in the Goetia,a Fallen Angel who has many titles such as a Duke, Count and an Earl whom was partly in the Order of Thrones and partly of that of the Order of Angels. His name means "noise, murmur, whisper." He will appear in the form of a warrior riding upon a gryphon and to make aware of his title of Duke he wears a Ducal Crown. To announce his arrival or manifestation there will be two of his ministers that go before him playing trumpets. He has the knowledge and ability to teach philosophy perfectly and can bring forth souls of those who have departed to answer any questions that may be asked of them. Can be restrained in the name of the angel Nithael. Commands over 30 legions.   (Name variations: Murmus, Murmuur, Murmux)


Naamah - One of the four Demons of Prostitution who has been described as a Fallen Angel, Succubus and an Arch She-Demon and a consort of LILITH.  Her name means "darling" or "pleasurable."   She is under the command of LILITH  and is the demon of seduction, the patron of divination, music, prostitutes and whores. She will seduce men in their sleep and learn what their desires are, and then make her way into their lives, ruin their hopes and have children by them that are true evil spirits.  This demon will also throttle babies. Naamah lives in the waves of the sea and she is the mother of ASMODEUS.  She was also the one-time mate of Adam, whom together they bore many children known as the Plagues of Mankind, and she and Cain (another one-time mate) bore a child named Tubal-Cain who introduced the world to weapons of war.  (Name variations:  Ma'amah,  Nahemah)

Naadod - Has the power to make people feel love, gladness, joy and also make them more favorable. He appears in a body the color of the heavens or of a pure clear crystal. Ruled by the king of demons of Jupiter, Formione. Governed by angels Satquiel, Raphael, Pahamcocihel and Asassaiel who rule the sphere of Jupiter.

Naberus - The twenty-fourth demon listed in the Goetia, is a Marquis and demon that is diurnal ,  will present himself as eloquent, amiable and very valiant. He will appear as a black crane fluttering around in a circle unable to stand upright. He has the ability to restore lost honor and privileges, teach the art of graceful living, persuasion and logic. He is most powerful during the month of  November and has dominion over the mood.   (Name variations:  Cerbere,  Cerberus,  Naberius,  Naburus,  Nebiros)

Nantur - The demon of writing. He is most powerful during the eighth hour.


Oriax - The fifty-nineth demon listed in the Goetia,  who has duel titles, a Count of Hell and Marquis.  He appears in the form of a lion riding upon a horse with a serpents tail while holding two hissing serpents in his right hand. He has great knowledge of astronomy, teaching the mansions of the planets and the virtues of the stars and how to understand their origin. He also has the ability to transform people and give favour with friends and foe. Commands 30 legions   (Name variation:  Orias)

Orobas - Fifty-fifth demon listed in the Goetia, a great Prince and one of the friendlier Goetic demons. He is often referred to as the demon oracle because he can answer any question put to him. He speaks with devine goodness and is able to answer questions about the celestial worlds of both heaven and hell, as well about God and creation itself. Unlike other demons not only does he make no effort to decieve, he will protect one from being tempted by other demons, but will grant favors such as making a person well liked by friends and foes. He has the ability to reveal the past, present and foretell the future. Even though he one of the nicer demons he is extremely loyal to Lucifer. He can be constrained by the angel Mebahiah. Commands 26 legions.   (Name variation:  Orobas)

Ose - Fifty-seventh demon listed in the Goetia, a Great President. He appears as a leopard at first but after a little time will assume the shape of a man. Known as the demon of illusion because he can transform people into any form that is desired and can drive people mad to the point of delusion. He will give true answers to Divine and secret things. Has the ability to make one knowledgeable in the Liberal Sciences. Commands 3 legions.    (Name variations: Oso, Oze, Voso)


Paymon - Ninth demon listed in the Goetia, a great King ( north, east, south & west) with his domain being west. He belong to either the "Order of Cherubim" or the "Order of Dominions." He is extremely obedient and but very loyal to Lucifer. He appears in the form of a man sitting on a camel wearing a crown on his head (some texts describe him as a man with a womans face) and has a voice so loud it is said to be ear-splitting. He is always preceded by spirits in the form of men playing cymbals, trumpets and other musical instruments. He will also at times manifest with two lesser infernal Kings, Beball and Abalam (in the Goetia they are called Labal and Abali). If he manifests with the two Kings he brings along twenty-five lesser legions of spirits/demons. He teaches Arts and Sciences and can truthfully answer all questions about the nature of the earth, where the abyss is located and the origin of the wind. He also has the power to cause visions, raise the dead, summon spirits and give answers to past, present and future. He also gives familiars. He will bind those that resist him with his own chains. Can be constrained by the angel Hasiel. Rules over 200 legions, with half from the "Order of Angels" and half from the "Order of Powers."       (Name variations:   Paimon,  Paimonia)

Phenex - Thirty-seventh demon listed in the Goetia, a Grand Marquis who appears in the form of the mythical bird, phoenix. He has the voice of a child and sing so sweetly but one should ignore his singing for it is only a distraction and command he take human form. Only then will he be very willing to speak of science and poetry. He is another demon who has hopes of returning to Heaven after one thousand and two years. Can be constrained with the name of the angel  Aniel. Commands 20 legions. (Name variations: Pheynix, Phoenix)

Philotanus - A demon who is one of the assistants to the demon Belial. He tempts mankind to engage in pederasty (homosexual relationship between an adult male and adolecent boy), and sodomy.    (Name variation: Philatanus)

Proserpine - Once a goddess of spring and of the harvest, whom was later demonized as an Arch-She-Devil and Princess of Mischievous Spirits.

Pruflas - A demon with dual titles Grand Prince and Grand Duke, is a demon of war and deceit who has the power to incite war, encourage mankind to lie and start quarrels. He appears as a flame outside around the Tower of Babel, where he resides, and at times his head is seen as that of a nighthawk. Commands 26 legions of lesser spirits, half from the Order of Thrones and half from the Order of Angels. Unlike others this demon may not be admitted into every place. He will give lengthly answers to questions asked of him.   (Name variations: Bufas, Busas, Vassago)

Purson - Twentieth demon listed in the Goetia,a Fallen Angel formerly or the Order of Virtues and said to be one of three SERVITORS OF FLEURETTY. He is ranked as a King and the Lieutenant General of the legions of Hell. He appears as a man with a lion's face carrying a cruel viper in one hand and riding upon a bear. Before he manifests a sound of trumpets can be heard as to announce him. He can reveal all things hidden and discover treasure. He has the ability to tell all things past, present and future. He can take a body either human or aerial. He is able to answers questions truthfully about all earthly things both secret and divine about the creation of the world. He gives good familiars. He can be constrained by the angel Pahaliah. He commands 22 legions, consisting partly of the "Order of Virtues" and partly of the "Order of Thrones."  (Name variations: CURSON, PRUFLAS, Pursan, Pusron)

Pyro - A Prince of falsehood and the demon of deceit and lies.   (Name variation:  PYTHON)

Python He was originally a tutelary (guardian or protector) demon of the oracular cult at Delphi, when obsorbed into Christia demonology became the Prince of the Lying Spirits.  He is one of the five ARCHDEMONS  of  Hell as well as the demon of control and pride,  and a soothsayer  (one who sees the future).  He will appear as a dragon or a great snake.  


Qandis - A demonic goddess and described as an older version of the goddess/demon ASTARTE is a demon of lust who will prey on handsome young men.  She will seduce them  and will drive them insane in the process. She will appear as a beautiful woman, but sometimes she will have the feet of a mare or mule. This demon is said to live in rivers or streams.   (Name variations:   'Aisa Qandisa,  Qandisa)

Qlippothic Orders of Demons, Twelve - According to Cabalistic demonology there are twelve qlippothic orders of demons. They are:  ADIMIRON who looks like a lion-lizard hybrid,  Airiron who looks like a dragon-lion hybrid,  BEHEMIRON, who looks like a hippopotamus or  an elephant but crushed flat, or their shin was flayed and covered the the body of a cockroach or gigantic beetle,  DAGDAGIRON whose form is like a vast and devouring flat shaped fish,  NACHASHIRON who looks like DOG headed serpents,  NECHESHETHIRON who looks like human headed insects, NESHIMIRON who looks like hideous skeletal women with the bodies of fish and serpents,  OBIRIRON who looks goblin like,  SCHECHIRION the hybrids of insects, reptiles, and shellfish with demonic faces,  SHELHABIRON who looks like merciless wolves and jackals,  TZELLADIMIRON who looks like davage triangular headed dogs,  and the TZEPHARIRON who are living yet decaying corpses.


Rehab - A Fallen Angel, ranked as the guardian angel of Egypt, one of the seven PRINCES OF HELL, and the Prince of the ocean. A demon of the sea, his name means "arrogance," "large," "noise," and "tumult" is said to have existed at the creation of the world. He was one of the two hundred angels who aligned themselves with SAMIAZA during the rebellion against God. Rahab was the angel that rescued the book of the angel Raziel (Secret of God) when it had been thrown into the ocean by envious angels who did not want Adam to have the knowledge it contained.He has many shapes and can appear as a woman riding upon a donkey, as a water-dragon, or as a whirlwind. A demon who suffers with unbelievable pride and insolence, it is said in some sources that he was kicked to death by God for his disobedience.       (Name variations: The Angel of the Sea, The Angel of Violence, "the crooked serpent," "Dragon of the Moon," Rehab Seriel, Ramuel, SERIEL, VACHMIEL, possibly may also be the demon TANNIN)

Raum - Fortieth demon listed in the Goetia, who has duel titles of Count and Earl, formly belonging to the Order of Thrones.  A demon of destruction and theft, he appears at first in the form of a crow but on command will assume human shape to rob and steal from the house of the king and transport the stolen goods to the any place commanded. He has the power to destroy whole cities. He can reunite friends and foes, has knowledge of anything past or present and future and has knowledge of love spells. He can be constrained by the angel Jejazel. Commands 30 legions.   (Name variations: Aym, HABORYM, Raim, Raum, Raym)

Ronove - Twenty-seventh demon list in the Goetia, a Fallen Angel who holds dual titles he of Marquis and Earl. He appears in the form of a monster holding a staff, (what kind is not known or listed). He teaches the Art of Rhetoric very well and has the power to grant one knowledge of foreign languages. He is also described as taker of old souls; often coming to earth to harvest souls of decrepit humans and animals near death. He gives good and loyal servants and the favours of friends and foes. He can be constrained by the angel Jerathel. Commands 19 legions.    (Name variations: Ronobe, Roneve, Ronwe)


Sabnock - Forty-third demon listed in the Goetia, a Falllen Angel is a Great Marquis mighty and strong who is ruled over by the angel Vevaliah, appearing in the form of an armed soldier with a lion's head riding on a pale horse. Has the power to build high towers, castles and cities and to furnish them with weapons. He can afflict men with wounds and putrid sores that are full of maggots that could span thirty days. He can change peoples forms and also give familiars. Commands 50 legions.   (Name variations: Sab Nac, Sabnac, Sabnach, Sabnack, Sabnacke, Sabnak, Sabnock, Sabrock, Saburac, Saburnac, Salmac, Savnock, Savnok)

Sallos - Nineteenth demon listed in the Goetia, a Grand Duke and some text say Earl as well, who appears in the form of a peaceful gallant soldier riding a crocodile with a ducal crown on his head. He has the power to cause man to fall in love with a woman and a woman to fall in love with a man. Can be constrained by the angel Leuviah. Commands 30 legions of spirits.   (Name variations: Asleos, ZAEBOS, Zaleos)

Samael - This demon is "The Angel of Death" who was chosen to collect the soul of Moses. His name means "Poison of God" and also "Chief of the Satans." His bride is the she-devil Lilith. He is identified as both a fallen angel and a loyal member of the heavenly hierarchy. He is associated with the element of fire and leader of demon locusts from Revelation. He is described as a handsome red-headed young man, so handsome that it is difficult for women to resist his charms. He was the seducer of Eve and when they had intercourse, he injected her with his filth, after which she had concieved Cain. As a fallen angel he teaches magick, necromancy, in which he can reveal what necromantic pratices are to dangerous to abuse, and occult sciences, but as a heavenly being he teaches jurisprudence and it is said, to rule over both Monday and Tuesday. His personal adversaries are the angel Meratron and Peter the Apostle.   (Name variations: ABBADON, "the Adversary," Aminadar, Angel of Death, Angel of Poison, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Apolloyon, "the Destroyer," Diabolus, Eblis, Esau-Samael "hairy Samael," IBLIS, "Light Bearer," LUCIFER, Melek Taus, Prince of the Accusers and the Evil Inclination, Salamiel, Samael Aun Weor (Samael sexual strength and light), SAMIAZA, SAMMAEL, Samuel (heard of God), SATAN, Satanael (adversary of God), Satannael, SHAITAN, URIEL)

Samigina - Fourth demon listed in the Goetia, a Great Marquis. He appears in the form of a little horse or ass but can change shape to assume the form of a man. His main power is a form of necromancy. He is able to call upon souls that have drowned at sea and souls confined to purgatory and have them appear in non-physical bodies to interrogate them into answer any questions asked of them. Can be constrained by the angel Elemiah. Commands 31 legions.   (Name variation: Gamigin)

Satan - His name is derived from the Hebrew word meaning "The Adversary". Early on it was Samael who held the title "Chief of the Satans" with Satan being a less name, but over time Satan developed into the title "The Infernal Lord of Demons" and commanded the armies of Hell. In the "Book of Job" Satan and the other angels walk right into Heaven (this is after the war in Heaven where the angels were cast out) and makes a wager with God over Job. Satan is mentioned in the Old and New Testaments as well. It is said that Satan's sole purpose is to torture and temptation of living human beings.   (Name variations: ABADDON (destruction), Abaton, Accuser, Prince of Darkness, LUCIFER (Day Star), Hellhundt, Dark Prince, Creature of Judgement, Anointed covering cherub, ANTICHRIST, AZAZEL, Dragon At The Apocalypse, Beast, BAAL, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Evil One, Father of the Night, Bogeyman, Liar, LEVIATHAN, Liar)

Satanachia - A Fallen Angel whose rank is Grand General or General in Chief of Hell, and his name is derived from Satan and means "Adversary" has power and influence over all women and girls to make them do whatever he wishes, which usually concerns love, lust and passion. He was one of the angels that swore allegiance to SAMIAZA and took  a human wife and fathered the NEPHILIM. He has power over the three goetic demons Amon, Barbatos and Pruflas. He along with demon Sirachi, is a chief demon to Lucifer Schelagon - A lesser demon who serves the Infernal Duke Astaroth.   (Name variations: Charpon, Kasdeya, PUT SATANACHIA, Sarakmyal, Sarquamich, Satanchia, Sataniachia, Satanicae, "The Supreme")

Seere - Seventieth demon listed in the Goetia, a powerful Prince under the service of Amaynon, the infernal King of the East. He appears in the form of a beautiful man and rides upon a horse with wings and is very good natured. He has the ability to alter or control time and is known as a transportation demon. He can transport goods from any corner of the globe and can discover thefts. He can cause acts of magick or a spell to happen immediately and cause many things to happen all at once. Has the power of speed to pass over the whole earth in the twinkling of eye. Can be constrained by the angel Tabamiah. Commands 26 legions.  (Name variations: Sear, Seir, Seire)

Shabriri - The demon who rests atop of uncovered water at night including pools and rivers and will cause blindness in whoever drinks it. His name means "dazzling glare"  or "breaker of the eyesight." 

Shamsiel - A Fallen Angel and one of the "Watcher Angels" who while in heaven was entrusted with knowledge of the signs of the sun. After his fall he taught this forbidden knowledge to humanity.

Shax - Forty-fourth demon listed in the Goetia, a Grand Marquis of Hell who has the power to takes away the sight, hearing and understanding, who will steal money out of kings' houses, carrying it back to the people. He also steals horses or anything that one asks. Shax can also discover hidden things if they are not kept by evil spirits and sometimes gives good familiars, but sometimes those familiars can be deceiving. He should not be bothered too often. Shax is thought to be faithful and obedient, but is a great liar and will definitely deceive. He knows when lies are told and uses these to teach a lesson. He appears as a stork that speaks with a hoarse but subtle voice, his voice changes into a beautiful one once he entered the triangle.  Angel Jelahiah has power over this demon. Has power over 30 legions of demons on evil horses.    (Name variations: Chax, Shan, Shass, Shaz, Scox)

Shemyaza - The Chief of the Fallen Angels who swore allegiance to SAMIAZA and compelled the other 199 fallen angels to take human wives to bare them children. Shemyaza told his wife Istahar the sacred name of God, an ability that empowered him with the ability to ascend into the constellation Draco. For his sins, he has suspended himself upside down between Heaven and earth, making up part of the constellation Orion.   (Name variations: Shemyazaz, Shamazya, Semiaza, Shemhazi, Semyaza, Smyz, Amezyarak)

Sitri - Twelfth demon listed in the Goetia, who is ranked as the Beautiful Prince who first appears with a leopard's head, wings of gryphon but when he is in human form at the command of Master of Exorcism he is very beautiful. Has power over lust, love and pleasures of the flesh, and can cause women to show themselves naked if it be desired. Is said to be governed by the angel Hahajah. Commands 60 legions.   (Name variations: Shemyazaz, Shamazya, Semiaza, Shemhazi, Semyaza, Sytry, Amezyarak)

Stolas - Thirty-sixth demon in the Goetia, a powerful Prince, appearing as a mighty ravan at first but will assume the form of a man afterward. A teaching demon who teaches the Art of Astronomy, and whom has perfect knowledge of the Virtues of Herbs and Precious Stones. Can be constrained in the name of the angel Menadel. Commands 26 legions.    (Name variations: Solas, Stolos)


Tabaet - A demon of chaos,  one of the CHIEF  OF TENS, and a Fallen Angel  whose name means "male" or "strong,"  tempts mankind to accept the gift of the Black Flame in the form of an apple. Kasdeja taught mankind how to perform abortions, which is the secret of the Noon-tide Serpent, and the art of summoning and working with demons.  Tabaet is the Noon-tide Serpent.   (Name variations:  LEVIATHAN,  the Noon-tide Serpent,  Taba'et,  TIAMAT)

Tagriel - The chief guard in the sixth or seventh Heaven and one of the twenty-eight demonic rulers of the lunar mansions, having dominion over the mansion Alpharg. His name means "spout of the urn" and he has the ability to destroy prisons.

Tentatores - The Tentatores are FAMILIARs and servitors to evil men and necromancers. They are a type of DJINN or devil, whose bodies are made of air, fire, or water. They have the ability to create more of their own kind through sexual intercourse.


Ukobach He is ranked as the stationary engineer of Hell in service under BEELZEBUB.  His job is to replenish the cauldrons of Hell with oil.  A fire demon, who appears as a man wrapped in flames. Ukobach is credited for creating the art of frying food and inventing fireworks.   (Name variation: UROBACH)

Uval - Forty-seventh demon listed in the Goetia, is the Duke of sands and waste, a Fallen Angel formerly of the Order of Potestates or Powers who appears in the form of a camel at first but can conform to human shape who speaks with a deep voice in egyptian language but not perfectly. He has the power to procure the love of women and to restore friendship between friends and enemies. He can reveal things past, present and future things to come. Can be constrained by the angel Atatiah (Aliliah). Commands 37 legions.    (Name variations: Vual, Voval)


Valefar - Sixth demon listed in the Goetia, a Duke, known as the "Duke of Thieves" and one of the three SERVITORS OF SARGATANAS, who appears in the shape of a lion with the head of a mule that's bellowing. This demon of brigands and robbers has the ability to tempt people to steal. He gives good  Familiars.  He can be restrained with the name of the angel Jelahel. Commands 10 legions.    (Name variations: Malaphar, Malapher, Malephar, Valafar, Valefor)

Vapula - Sixtieth demon listed in the Goetia, a Duke, who appears in the form of a lion wiht gryphon wings. A teacher of all handicrafts and professions, also in Philosophy and other Sciences. He can be constrained by the angel Mizrael. Commands 36 legions.   (Name variations: Naphula)

Vasios - Is a Chief duke who serves in the hierarchy of the north. He is governed by the demon King Symiel. Connected only with the hours of the day as he will not manifest at night. It is said that he has a good and obedient nature. Commands 40 legions.

Vassago - Third demon listed in the Goetia, holds the rank of Prince, being of the same nature as Agares. He will declare things past and things yet to come, finder of all things hid or lost and also has the ability to tell a womans deepest secrets. He can be restrained in the name of the angel Syrael. Commands 26 legions.   (Name variations: BUSAS, Pruflas)

Vepar - Forty-second demon listed in the Goetia, a Great Duke who appears as a mermaid. A demon of the sea who can cause the waters to become rough and stormy. Has the power to create an illusion to make the waters seem full of ships. He is a guider of the ships laden with weapons and ammunition. He also has the ability to cause wounds or sores to putrefy causing maggots to breed in which he can kill a man in three days. He can be constrained in the name of the angel Michael. Commands 29 legions.    (Name variations: Vephar, Vephat)

Vine - Forty-fifth demon listed in the Goetia, has the duality of being a Great King and an Earl, but even with having dual titles, the angel Sealiah has power over him. He appears in the form of a lion riding upon a black horse bearing a viper (venomous snake) in his hand. He has the power on command to build towers and tear down stone walls. He also has the abillity to reveal the identities of witches and wizards as well as find hidden things from past, present and yet to come. He is able to cause great storms that makes the waters rough and chopping that it makes it dangerous for ships. A vine is a type of ancient war machine that is made of wood and covered with branches and leather. This was used to overthrow walls. Commands 36 legions.    (Name variations: Vin, Vinea)

Virus - A demon who has knowledge and assists with the art of scrying and divination.

Volac - Sixty-second demon listed in the Goetia, a President who appears like a child with angel wings riding on a two headed dragon. He will give true answers and reveal where treasures are hidden and where serpents may be seen and can deliver them to his conjurer. Ruled by the angel Jahhael. Commands 38 legions.    (Name variations: Valak, Valu, Ualac)


Wele Gumali - Name means the "black god."  He comes from Kenya.

Win - A demonic witch from the demonlogy of the Quiche people in Mexico. A Win is in service to the Devil and when dealing with a Win, man is truly making a deal with the Devil and if one loses the challenge death comes within one week. A Win, susceptible to "The Lord's Prayer" chanted backward, are demons who have the ability to shape-shift can only be killed in his animal form.   (Name variation: The transforming witch)

Wormwood - His name appears in the New Testament, in the Book of Revelations..."The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter." (Rev 8:10-11)


Xaphan - Originally from one of the lower orders of Heaven. While in Heaven he joined the rebellion and devised a plan to blow up Heaven but before this deed was carried out the fallen angels were overthrown and cast into the abyss, where it is said, Xaphan man's the furnaces of Hell itself and will be fanning those flames for the rest of eternity.    (Name variations:  Guzfan,   Xaphon,  Zephon)

Xezbeth - Demon that governs fantasies,fairy tales, illusions and deciet. The name in Arabic means "The Liar." It is said that it is impossible to count the number of this demon's disciples.   (Name variation: Al-Kathab ("The Liar"), Shezbeth)


Yama - Hindu God of death and King of demons, who has two dogs to carry away the dying.

Yan Luo Wang - Is the ruler of Hell in Chinese mythology who commands numerous assistants. When a person dies, his or her soul is brought before him for judgement by Bullheads and HORSE FACES.     (Name variations: Yama Raja, Yan Wang, Yen-Lo Wang)

Ym - A demon of illusion, who is able to help conjure a castle with servants, knights and banquet hall.


Zagan - Sixty-first spirit listed in the Goetia, a King and President, also the demon of counterfeiting, deceit, and lies. He appears at first in the form of a bull with gryphon wings but after awhile will asume the form of a human. He can be considered a counterfeiter as he can turn all metals into coins of the dominion that the metal is of. He has the ability to turn water into wine and wine into water and also blood into wine and wine into blood. He is associated with a spell of compulsion, intended to rob women of their will until they summit to the false passion. He is said to make men witty and make fools wise.The angel Umabel frustrates this demon. Commands 33 legions.      (Name variation: Zagam)

Zepar - Sixteenth spirit listed in the Goetia, appears in red apparel and armour like a soldier. Can cause women to love men, bringing them together in love. He has the power to make women barren. He also induces pederasty (a sexual relationship between an older man and an adolescent boy who is not a family member). Angel Hakamiah has the power to control and compel this demon. Commands 26 legions.    (Name variations: BELIAL, Zephar)

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