About Our Team

Our team of discrete, dedicated, caring souls is here to provide not only investigations to collect physical evidence, but guide you through the process of dealing with unexplained phenomenon holistically, What is dubbed "paranormal" can affect the human form in many ways and on many levels so we strive to assist our clients to better understand their experiences. We are not bound to an individual belief system; rather we mold our work to the needs and wants of our clients. 

Spirit Release

****** Our team would like to clarify one big mis-conception about CLEANSINGS. A cleansing DOES NOT rid a house of "ALL SPIRITS ."  A cleansing is performed to cleanse a home, dwelling etc. of NEGATIVE ENERGY. Negative energy can be caused by the negative elements of people, with anger being a major element. Over time this negative energy builds layer upon layer in a dwelling. Since energy always remains it can not be rid of but it can be cleansed. Another form of negative energy is evil or diabolical entities. Sometimes with an evil spirit or low level demon a cleansing can be successful in ridding the dwelling of these entities or the bad energy. Sometimes it takes more than one cleansing. If negative activity continues to escalate after cleansings are performed an exorcism might be necessary.
Another point our team would like to make and this is about SPIRIT RELEASE. Yes we do have members that have been quite successful in this field but that success is ONLY if the spirit agrees to cross over. One thing we all have to remember is that God gave us all free will and if it's earth-bound spirit they continue to have that free will. Even with our assistance they are the ONLY ones who can make the choice to cross over. If a spirit was stubborn in life, they will surely be stubborn as an earth-bound spirit and can choose not to leave our earthly plane.  

 Meet the Seekers Team Members

 Susan Crossan
 Founder, Parapsychologist,  Investigator

 Marsha Seymour

 Don Dussell
 Investigator, Technician-Specialist
 Inventor of Equipment

Doug Webb
Investigator,  Equipment Technician

Brandon Hoch
Case Research

Dennis Koons

Bill Riley
Investigator, Asst. Equipment Tech

Jennifer Snellings