How an Investigation is conducted.
An initial conversation/interview is conducted with the potential client to discuss the activity and overall condition of affected individuals. If deemed that our team can be of assistance, an investigation will be conducted to gather physical evidence. If the client decides the case to be confidential, Seekers and all its members will adhere to the client's wish. The investigation will be conducted using an array of technical equipment. It will take several weeks to review the gathered data to determine if any evidence was collected. A reveal will be scheduled where the evidence will be reviewed with the client. If evidence is found during analysis the client will be provided a written report of the findings along with a copy of audio/visual media (CD and/or DVD). If no evidence is found the client will be contacted by phone.
If determined a cleansing is needed or follow up counseling requested, this will be scheduled as needed.

Please understand that during the investigation the number of people present needs to be limited to family and/or affect individuals. Too many people can cause contamination of evidence. Also, TVs, games, radios, etc. must be turned off during the investigation to reduce chances of contamination. We appreciated your understanding.

As spirits can be unpredictable, Seekers can not guarantee the outcome of the investigation.
We are a self-funded group and never charge for our services.